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Sparkle with a KaleiStar Shower Curtain


* Morning Dew * Power Day *

* Walk barefeet

* Bathe in the consciousness of your freshness

* Time to receive * Time to BE *


~ Gaze into the center of the KaleiStar ~


The KaleiStar, Earth Magic Flower Power, is inspired

by Mother Earth, her Unconditional Love and Generosity.


I create the image in 2015

to remember I am always provided for.


Made with flowers from Switzerland, luscious Swiss grass,

green growings, dew drops of a fresh morning in Ropraz,

mysterious energy, luxurious glass ornament ...


Its gift is an invitation to focus on the Unconditional Love,

Power, Generosity and Abundance of the Earth.

When we allow oursleves to walk barefoot on the Earth,

pause, breathe in and receive the energy,

our beings sparkle with gratitude and peace.

How nourished we truly are !


Anne-Francoise aka SwAnn

The Earth Magic Flower Power Pouch

  • KaleiStar Shower Curtain are made from 100% polyester fabric.

    It includes 12 holes at the top of the curtain for simple hanging from your own shower curtain rings. 

    The total dimensions of each shower curtain are 71 inches wide by 74 inches tall. 

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