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My name is Anne-Francoise Potterat aka SwAnn.


Prana Yoga & Reiki have offered me a safe loving roadmap to no longer be trampled down by severe scoliosis/depression/anxiety/debilitating migraines accompanied with excruciating intestinal pain, to make friend with my body & to discover that I am so much more than what I experience & I am so capable to be the creative human being I am, with no apologies.


After having gone to therapist, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, medication and ashram, I chose the gentle and powerful path of Prana Yoga & Reiki. I have been practicing and sharing this practice with other fellow human beings since 1999.


I love to share this beautiful fun deep practice with you. I love to support you on your journey to your True Creative Powerful Self. By working with me, you will feel empowered to choose what serves you best. You will fine tune your alignment with your True Self, that is strong, joyous, calm and powerfully creative.



Anne-Francoise is an artist, yoga/art teacher and Reiki Master. Her multi- dimensional background includes biochemistry (B.A., Barnard College '87), fine arts (B.F.A., School of Visual Arts ’92). She holds certifications to teach prana yoga, kundalini yoga & viniyoga including certifications to teach yoga to children (1997-2000). She trained as a Reiki master (1997-98). She taught art and yoga in private schools, summer camps, YMCA, privately and in groups in NYC (1996-2011). She exhibits the KaleiStars, kaleidoscopic mandalas, and offers workshops around them since 2011, one-on-one and in groups.

Anne-Francoise was born in Switzerland and lived in NYC for 27 years. Since 2017, she has lived between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She loves to share the practice of yoga and meditation as she gets to witness the transformation of each attendee from fatigue/stress to reconnection with Source, Peace, Love and Health. She loves to make beautiful images to serve the Creative Being in each and everyone of us. She believes we are infinite beings with infinite possibilities.

Interested in the Kaleistars artworks, visit

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