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Trees and Mountains

The telephones of the wind

Sources of Moving Inspiration

Listen to the meditation for you offered above, The Wind Phone, by clicking on the white arrow head in the circle above the image.


Curious and desiring to take some time to dive into the sources offered below, click on the underlined bold titles.  

The Wind Phone
Rabbi Nicole Auerbach
Yom Kippur (Yizkor)16:09

This video was introduced at my weekly inspiring Wednesday book club by one of our members, Vera S. Her friend Nicole Auerbach is the rabbi who leads this beautiful and heartwarming sermon. The meditation for you is inspired from Nicole Auerbach's invitation to connect with your loved one.



A phone booth on an ocean cliffside brings together seven strangers whose seemingly different conversations are connected by one harrowing reality.

Tsunami survivors call lost loves on the phone of the wind2:23

A very moving story about a man who placed a telephone booth on his land after the loss of his beloved wife. This was his way of staying connected with her.

Telephones of the Wind: Making calls to lost loved ones5:58

On both sides of the Pacific Ocean, telephones have become a tool for the grieving to connect with lost loved ones. Correspondent Lee Cowan looks at how a rotary phone at an Olympia, Wash. park, connected to nothing but the wind, has become a source of solace for those left behind.

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