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Grace your outings with a Rise and Shine Furry Tota bag. 


Rise & Shine

Today is a New Day, we get to start fresh & create something magical with the loving & grateful power of our Heart! What is it going to be? 


The KaleiStar, Rise and Shine, is inspired 

by the Flower of Life, Colors in the Sky and SunRises.


I create the image in 2015 to give myself 

permission to begin *afresh - anew* each morning,

and to invite myself to wake up with the Sun. 


Made with flowers from Switzerland, a Sunrise over Swiss mountains

over the lake, Mother Mary’s light bulbs seen in a chapel 

in Rome, birds flying over my skyline window on the way South. 


Its gift is an invitation to begin anew each and every morning,

a ticket to a brand new day of freedom and wondrous unfoldment. 

When we say YES to a fresh new day 

with no yesterday and no tomorrow,

how WONDER-filled our day might be ! 


Anne-Francoise aka SwAnn

Rise & Shine

SKU: 126351351935
  • The tote bags are made from soft, durable, polypoplin fabric. They include fux fur straps for fuzzy easy carrying on your shoulders. The faux fur is securely handsown. All seams are double-stiched for added durability. 

    Handwash in cold water. 

    16 x 16 inches 

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