Dance with Life Wonder Being Poncho


~ Play ~ Laugh ~ Sing ~


The KaleiStar Dance with Life is inspired by the Breath of Love.


I create the image in 2016 to be reborn into the beautiful, bountiful, luscious, blissful, playful goddess I AM.


Made with flowers from Switzerland, symbolic jewelry, colorful fabric, a wondrous dragonfly visiting the river in the forest of Saint-Prex, pink dress, Romainmotier wondrous crone celebration, bicycle light refelctor, curtains from a special day on a special walk with special friends, mysterious source, ...


Its gift is an offering to the Divine Being within each and everyone of us.


When our focus rest on the Divine Jewel of our Heart, what miracles arise !


Anne-Francoise aka SwAnn

Dance with Life Wonder Being Poncho

  • The Wonder Being Poncho is made from ultra-soft plush microfiber with a 100 % cotton back. An inspiring Truly Being Essential !

    Washable in Delicate Cold Wash