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Heart Sun Star

* Our Heart is a very powerful SunStar

* Receive its loving warmth

* Fill your human vessel with the Warm Light of your Heart

* The cup runneth over ...


                   ~ Gaze the center of the KaleiStar ~


The KaleiStar, Heart SunStar, is inspired by the Flower of Life and the Sun.


I create the image in 2015 to turn the light on, say Yes and let the Sun in, from the inside out and outside in.


Made with the Sun, lightbulbs seen in a chapel in Rome, birds flying over my skyline window on the way South, weeping willow trees, Swiss watch heart pieces.


Its gift is strength, balance, harmony, joy, dancing with the flow.


As we allow ourselves to surrencer in the Here and Now, the light of our Heart shines from the depth of our Being with joy. 


Anne-Francoise aka SwAnn

Heart SunStar

  • The KaleiStar is printed directly onto a 3/4" thick sheet of maple wood. There is a synergy going on between the wood and the KaleiStar, giving the image a softness. The colors are more quiet letting the wood shine through. 

    12 x 12 inches 

    Comes with hanging wire. 

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