Journey with Rise and Shine Weekend Tote Bag


Rise & Shine

Today is a New Day, we get to start fresh & create something magical with the loving & grateful power of our Heart! What is it going to be? 


The KaleiStar, Rise and Shine, is inspired 

by the Flower of Life, Colors in the Sky and SunRises.


I create the image in 2015 to give myself 

permission to begin *afresh - anew* each morning,

and to invite myself to wake up with the Sun. 


Made with flowers from Switzerland, a Sunrise over Swiss mountains

over the lake, Mother Mary’s light bulbs seen in a chapel 

in Rome, birds flying over my skyline window on the way South. 


Its gift is an invitation to begin anew each and every morning,

a ticket to a brand new day of freedom and wondrous unfoldment. 

When we say YES to a fresh new day 

with no yesterday and no tomorrow,

how WONDER-filled our day might be ! 


Anne-Francoise aka SwAnn

Rise and Shine

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  • Weekender tote bags are chic and perfect for a day out on the town, an excapade into a natural sanctuary, or a weekend getaway. The tote is crafeted with soft, spun, polypoplin fabric and features double-stitched seams for durability. The 1" thick cotton handles are perfect for carrying the hand by hand or over your shoulder. This is a must have for the summer or any shining outings. 

    24 x 16 inches