Cosmic Wonder Being Poncho


* Receive the Cosmic Sparkles of Sweet Delight *

~ Outside In ~ Inside Out ~


The KaleiStar, Cosmic Delights, is inspired 

by the Flower of Life and the Heart Chakra.


I create the image in 2015

to regain faith and creative momentum

* thanks to the alchemical situation I found myself in. 


Made with flowers from Switzerland and mysterious lights.


Its gift is an invitation to look within and up,

to say Yes to the Cosmos and its twinkling stars . 

When we allow ourselves to surrender 

to the unconditional love of the Cosmos, we receive its delicious delights.

How sweet they are ! 


Anne-Francoise aka SwAnn

Cosmic Delights Wonder Being Fluffy Poncho

  • The Wonder Being Fluffy Poncho is made with luxuriously soft material. The KaleiStar is printed on top. The bottom is white. 100 % polyester. The Flush Fleece is soft and fluffy on both side. 

    Washable in Delicate Cold Wash