about KALeidoscopic mandalas

Luminous Maps

©Anne-Francoise Potterat

©Anne-Francoise Potterat

Heart-centering Mind-shifting Art

for Truly Being & for Truly Living 

Say Yes to the Omnipresent Harmony

BE Truly Free

The KaleiStars are the Fruits of my colorful life, the fruits of the "comedies" and "tragedies" that knocked on my door, my inner and outer travels, the fruits of my artistic trajectory, my yogic practice & teaching and shamanic journeys.
Since 2010, I channeled over 186 KaleiStars. I create each KaleiStar in response to a life situation. 
I intent for the KaleiStar to be a map to the extraordinary invisible field we are made of and that we bathe in. They are the expression of a strong desire to tap into the Gold that lies dormant within. 

I create the KaleiStars like a painter creates an icon. In lieu of tempera paint, I use pieces of my photographs uploaded on my computer. As an ex-oil painter, I enjoy the no-smell and the freedom...

The KaleiStars desire to reveal the omnipresent fields of True Harmony where the qualities of Being abound and are overflowing.

Can an image take us home to our truth? 


Each KaleiStar is a compass to our True Star.

Kaleidoscopic Mandalas aka KaleiStars are:

  • Colorful Images made with lots of pieces of my photographs to create new associations. I juxtaposed things you would not normally see on the physical plane.  

  • True Love Stars.

  • Still kaleidoscopic square mandalas.

  • Visual Fields to mirror our Inner Harmony,

  • Fruits of life, travels, artistic trajectory, yogic practice and shamanic journeys.

  • Vibrational Maps to infinity, bounty, beauty, bliss ...

  • Anchors of Truth 

  • Portals to the Truth of Bliss, Bounty, Beauty, All that we are.

  • Gates to the Vortex of Presence, Space and Silence.

  • Visual Tuning Forks. 

  • Breathing Tools.

  • Meditation Allies.

  • Bridges from Impossible to Possible, from Invisible to Visible.

  • Compass to your spiritual blue-print.

  • Liberating Organizing Visual Elixirs.

  • Maps to the Luminous Energies of the Being.

  • Colorful Oasis.

  • Bliss~ifying Compasses.

  • Energy Shifters.

I believe we are the pot of gold we are looking for.

I believe we are the Love we seek.

I believe the pot of gold, the Love, is the being dimension of human being, a field of powerful youthful creative energy, where we are no longer prey to the vagaries of external events, of others’ behaviors and of our own moods, where we become the playful, healthy and free beings we truly are.

That is the why I continue to create these colorful vibrant images, I call KaleiStars. They are maps to the Gold within, to the Field of Being Free to Be.

Kalei for kaleidoscopic ~ Star for the eight-pointed star structure in each image, 8 being the symbol of infinity, perfection in many cultures and Christ consciousness. The KaleiStar is a mirror to our infinite potential.


I believe these images shift us from trying to make things happen to feel good to simply feeling good by being free to be who we are. They invite the naturally feel-good beings we are to take over. They are *Loving*Oasis*Visual*Elixirs to each one of us ready to pause and to be free.

Have a KaleiStar in Your Space

I have created these heart-centering mind-shifting  KaleiStars to celebrate the prosperous vibrant harmony we are and have always been:


1- We meet. I listen to your intention, vision, aspirations, desires...

2- You show me the wall/ceiling. I show you a selection of KaleiStars.

3- You choose the image and the surface it will be printed on that best resonates with you.


Each KaleiStar comes with a text, a breathing and meditation practice.