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ORGAN-of-the-month WORkSHOP

A 60-minute session to Participate in the healthy maintenance of your organs 

I am offering monthly TLC moments for your organs followed by a 60-minute workshop, two weeks later, to participating in your health maintenance and healing,  

befriending and deepening your connection with your organs for your overall well-being, 

decrease unwanted stress and increase the energy of your choice,

such as joy, fulfillment, balance, serenity, clarity, strength, love, inspiration, creativity, harmony, calm, peace... 


The techniques range from gentle chair yoga, to empowering breathing movement, to  freeing vocalization, to healing mudras (hand postures) to drawing made easy. Scientific studies show the multi-dimensional health benefits of each of the techniques I have combined together for you to enjoy, destress and easily participate in your overall well-being.

No prior drawing experience required.All are welcome. 

Wear comfortable clothes. No need to be on your mat. I suggest you attend from the comfort of your chair and table. You will need paper, pencil, eraser. If you like to color, bring color pencils or markers.

All are welcome. All skills and levels welcome. 

Some of the many benefits of each technique used:

Gentle chair yoga relaxes and eliminates tension while sitting. 

Chakra Awareness assures the harmonious flow of energy through the organs & body parts. 

Vocalization of Vowels releases feel-good hormones in your bloodstream. 

Laughter stimulates the organs, helps them stay healthy and energizes you. 

Mudras (hand posture) release blocked energy, maintain and heal the organs they are connected with. 

Drawing enhances creativity, activates brain activity and decreases anxiety. 

Since I did not offer the Heart Workshop in February, it will be offered this month and the thyroid early next month. Afterwards, the workshop will take place the 4th Saturday of each month, unless otherwise indicated. 

1- WORKSHOP ONE: Heart ❤️

This workshop is a preventive and healing invitation to know this sacred organ that does so many amazing things day in and day out, such as pumping our blood through 60,000 miles of vessels in our body, enough to go around the world twice.



Saturday, March 25, 2023

11 am - 12 pm am Pacific Time

2- WORKSHOP TWO: Thyroid 🦋

This workshop is a preventive and healing invitation to know this vital gland that regulates breathing, heart rate, metabolism, menstrual cycles, body temperature, blood pressure, including our mood.



Saturday, April 1, 2023

11 am - 12 pm am Pacific Time


Live on Zoom



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EARLY BIRD $ 35 per session by Sunday March 19, 2023

LATE BIRD $ 45 per session after


EARLY BIRD $ 65 per session by Sunday March 19, 2023

LATE BIRD $ 80 per session after 

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