corporate world

Transformational Meditation and Empowering Creative Workshops offer everyone in the corporate world a time to pause & recharge for enhanced creativity, heightened productivity, powerful performance, problem-solution resolution & empowering teamwork. 

Where: Your Conference Room or Off-site


  • With an inspiring message & a kaleidocopic mandala.

  • Gentle movement, breath exercises & open-eye meditations.

  • In the Creative Meditation Workshop, same as above with an interactive creative activity.

The classes are tailored to your needs. 

What happens in a session depends on the need of each individual, the team and the company for a WIN-WIN situation.


  • Stay connected to Your Inner Oasis in the WorkSpace.

  • Productivity Shift.

  • Enter the Creative Stillness within. 

  • Enhanced Performance and TeamShip.

  • Stay Calm & Productive no matter what is going on..

  • Solutions, Resolutions and Actions

  • Empowering Communications & Team Magic.

  • Reduction of anxiety/depression/limitation stories/stress. 

  • Unique miracles tailored to you and the company.


  • weekly package

  • monthly package

  • yearly package



- Ongoing.

- 1 Creative Meditation and 3 Transformational Meditations Workshops  per month.