What is KaleiStars?

1- Heart-centering Mind-shifting Art for Truly Being & for Truly Living.

2- Transformational Meditations.

3- Empowering Creative Workshop.

Mission Statement

At KaleiStars, we use heart-centering images to discover our True Self and connect with each other for a magical transformation to freedom. We look forward to when these mind-shifting images will have a harmonizing role in the world with their energy. 

What KaleiStars do for you:

  •  Center you into who you truly are, creative fields of miraculous possibilities. 

  • Shift you from habitual patterns of thinking to innovative ways of Being. 

  • Liberate you from anxiety/depression/limitation stories/stress... 

  • Organize the contents of the mind creating space. 

  • Take each one of us to the stillness within.

  • Align body, heart, mind and spirit. 

  • Magnify the Stars We Are.

  • Set You free. 

  • Intimacy.

  • Bliss~ify.

  • Infinity.

  • Depth.

  • Truth.

Colorful Energy Vitamins that love to serve You in various ways, shapes and forms:

  1. As a vibrant harmonizing image in your space,

  2. As an aligning/tuning/centering breathing tool in a session/workshop.

  3. As an envelop for your luminous body.



Anne-Francoise Potterat aka SwAnn is an artist, certified yoga/meditation teacher and Reiki Master. She started to create the first KaleiStars in 1996. Since 2010, she has developed creative yogic practices around KaleiStars.


    As an artist and yoga practitioner/teacher, I always seeked to create an image that would reveal to me my true nature. The yogis claim that each one of us is sitting on gold. Socrates suggests: Know Thyself, you will know the Universe and the Gods.” I too believe that each one of us is an infinite mine of gold.

   I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety many years ago.

Luckily, my body rejected medication. I turned to laughter, yoga and meditation. Now I use the KaleiStars to anchor me in the here and now, acknowledging the emotional and mental clouds passing through my inner sky. The anchoring protects me from the apparent intensity of the black-hole of depression. 

   The center of the KaleiStar aligns me with the Presence, the Silence and Spaciousness of Being. It does take practice and repetition. 

   The geometrical and organizing rhythmic patterns of the KaleiStars train my eyes to see harmony and guide me to my inner health.

The abundance of images mirrors my inner wealth and my complete wholeness.

   The endless well of new associations, created by the juxtaposition of elements not seen together, takes me to a field of new possiblilities.

   I create each KaleiStar in response to a specific personal life situation to assist me to discover its gifts.

   I use a multitude of pieces of photographs I take on my walks.

   As an ambidextrous, writing and drawing with both hands at the same time, I love the balancing effect of mirror imaging.

   Like an icon painter, I enjoy surrendering to the Universal Flow of the Breath that connects us all. 


The space 

Be Truly