A Heart-centering Mind-shifting session accompanies you

in an interactive process of slowing down, relaxing, releasing, stilling your mind, allowing, centering, anchoring, unveiling, reconnecting to Your True Being, the Creative You.

Tapping into your inner Oasis. 

Shift and Be Transformed!


  • Anchor into your amazing powerful Self.

  • Shift from tirelessly doing to refreshingly creatively being.

  • Reset and Recalibrate with the Creative You.

  • Discover and Be the Powerful Love Being You Are.

  • Remember You are Powerful and this session will serve your intentions, what you intend will be !



  • With an inspiring message & a kaleidocopic mandala.

  • Depending on the issues, you will select several images.

  • Accompanied by inspired guidance.

  • Possibly a practice of gentle movement, pranayama (breath exercises), sounds & open-eye meditations.

  • Possibly a creative activity that involves drawing and writing. No drawing experience needed. I will show you a way to draw with ease and fun.

The sessions are tailored to your needs. 

What happens in a session depends on your intention.


  • Self-Acceptance and Self-Love.

  • Paradigm shift. 

  • Reduction of anxiety/depression/stories/stress... 

  • Mental organization. 

  • Stillness. 

  • Peace of mind.

  • Relaxation.

  • Centering and Focus.

  • Balancing and Weight-loss.

  • Spine lengthening and strengthening. 

  • Happiness, joy, bliss, bounty, beauty....

  • Breath Quality Upgrade.

  • Abdominal polish and shine. 

  • Unique miracles tailored to you.

  • Clarity, Creativity ​& Productivity.


$80 for 30 minutes 

$150 for 1hr 

$200 for 1hr 1/2


  • monthly package

  • yearly package