Kaleidoscopic Mandalas &

Transformational Meditations &

Empowering Creative Workshops

"Miracles happen when we pause, meditate, live, work with a KaleiStar."

by Anne-Francoise Potterat aka SwAnn, Founder of KaleiStars​​

































What KaleiStars can do for you:

~ Be Colorful Energy Boosters ~ 

  • Shift you from habitual patterns of thinking/feeling to innovative ways of Being. 

  • Liberate you from anxiety/depression/limitation stories/stress... 

  • Take each one of us to the stillness within.


"Anne-Francoise Potterat has such a calm & peaceful voice that it makes it very easy to relax & be present.

I felt a sense of serenity through my body as we were doing the breathing motions. Looking at the KaleiStar image, I could truly feel my heart expand with all the love & wisdom that was pouring out of it & onto me, opening me up to all sorts of possiblity...

— Suzi Farajiani, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Art For Your Space

Heart-centering Mind-shifting  Mandalas
on a mission to 
everyone ready
to be their true self to the fullest.