Salons - ATeliers - Sessions 

Breathe - explore - be - express

with the Kaleistars

a.k.a. love oasis visual elixirs

B.E.B.E. Yogic Salons

(private & group)

Playful Practice using the KaleiStars

Tune into the expansive creative flavors of your Being, resonate with the divine harmony and complete fulfillment you are.

The sessions vary based on your requests and needs of the moment.

Anchor into the loving permanent Presence of your Sparkling Being... experience the Treasure that is You through subtle movement (guided and free), pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (poses), sitting meditation and relaxation. 

Shift from human doing to human being. Simply Truly BE Free to Be You in the Here and Now.



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B.E.B.E. Creative 


Same as above with the addition of an interactive creative exercise using pencils, markers and papers. 

(see sparkling results in the pictures here) 

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A Heart-centering Mind-shifting session accompanies you in a vibrant process of unveiling, releasing, reconnecting, resourcing, truly freely being ... 

What are some of the results of a KaleiStar Reading:

~ Anchor into your amazing powerful Self.

~ Shift from tirelessly doing to refreshingly creatively being.

~ Reset and Recalibrate with the Creative You.

~ Discover and Be the Powerful Love Being You Are.

~ Remember You are Powerful and this session will serve your intentions, what you intend will be !

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