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Transformational Meditation and Empowering Creative Workshops offer everyone in the corporate world a time to pause & recharge for enhanced creativity, heightened productivity, powerful performance, problem-solution resolution & empowering teamwork. 

Where: Your Conference Room or Off-site


  • With an inspiring message & a kaleidocopic mandala.

  • Gentle movement, breath exercises, sounds & open-eye meditations.

  • In the Creative Meditation Workshop, same as above with an interactive creative activity involving drawing what you see, reflecting and supporting each other is offered at the end. No drawing experience needed. I will show you a way to draw with ease and fun.

The classes are tailored to your needs. 

What happens in a session depends on the need of each individual, the team and the company for a WIN-WIN situation.


  • Stay connected to Your Inner Oasis in the WorkSpace.

  • Shift from habitual patterns of thinking to innovative  ways of Being.

  • Enter the Creative Stillness within. 

  • Enhanced Performance and TeamShip.

  • Stay Calm & Productive no matter what is going on.

  • Health and WellBeing.

  • Concentration.

  • Solutions, Resolutions and Actions

  • Empowering Communications.

  • Reduction of anxiety/depression/limitation stories/stress. 

  • Mental organization and spaciousness.  

  • Peace of mind.

  • Centering and Focus.

  • Happiness, joy, bliss at work.

  • Breath Quality improvement.

  • Unique miracles tailored to you and the company.

  • Increase Clarity, Creativity, Efficiency & Productivity

  • Team Magic. 

  • Positive Feel-Good Working Environment.

  • Authentic Connection happen with greater ease and authenticity. 

Pricing For Transformational Meditation: 

$250 for one hour up to 20 people

$150 for 30 minutes up to 10 people


Pricing For Creative Meditation Workshop:

$500 for two hours - up to 20 people

$450 for 1hr 30 minutes - up to 15 people


  • weekly package

  • monthly package

  • yearly package



- Ongoing.

- 1 Creative Meditation and 3 Transformational Meditations Workshops  per month.