you, your family & friends

Celebrate birthdays, friendship, family bonding, bachelor/ette party, any special occasion!

A Transformative Meditation and Empowering Creative Workshop offers you and the special people in your life 

a time to deeply, playfully, authentically connect and create.


Feel Amazing with yourself and with each other. 

You and the special people in your life are powerful -

What you intend for yourself and the special people in your life will be and will manifest !


  • With an inspiring message & a kaleidocopic mandala.

  • Depending on the issues, you will select several images.

  • Accompanied by inspired guidance.

  • Possibly a practice of gentle movement, pranayama (breath exercises), sounds & open-eye meditations.

  • Possibly an interactive creative activity that involves drawing, writing and supporting each other. No drawing experience needed. I will show you a way to draw with ease and fun.

The workshops are tailored to your needs for a WIN-WIN celebration of connection and community.


  • Connect to Your Inner Oasis together.

  • True Connection and Healthy Support.

  • Health and WellBeing.

  • Authentic and Joy-filled Communication.

  • Reduction of anxiety/depression/stories/stress... 

  • Mental clarity. 

  • Creative Stillness. 

  • Peace of mind.

  • Centering and Focus.

  • Happiness, joy, bliss with yourself and each other.

  • Breath Quality Upgrade. 

  • Unique miracles tailored to you and your special people.

  • Clarity, Creativity and Laughter.

Pricing For Meditation Salon: 

$200 for one hour up to 2 - 20 people


Pricing For Meditation & Creative Salon:

$400 for two hours - 2 - 20 people