B.E.B.E. Meditation SalonS 

Breathe - explore - be - express

with Messages of Love & the Kaleistars

a.k.a. love Oasis visual elixirs

Treat Yourself

Let's Playfully Breathe, Center, Focus & BE FREE

Receive a Message of Love &

Connect to the Love Being You Are

with a KaleiStar a.k.a. Love Oasis Visual Elixirs.

WHERE: In a Beautiful Garden in North Hollywood

WHEN: Wednesdays June 26 - July 31, 2019

TIME: 7 - 8 pm

What you will receive:

~ A Message of Love.

~ Reset your buttons to Your Inner Well.

~ Sharpen Your Intuition...

~ Transform with ease, grace and playfulness.

~ Shift from human doing to human being.

~ Discover the Powerful Creative Being You Are.

~ Creativity Boost and Solutions Revelations.

~ Bliss, Beauty, Bounty, Laughter, ....

Remember You are Powerful and this session will serve your intentions, what you intend will be !

For one class: $ 35

For 7 classes $ 20 each (paid in full on first class 140)

For 5 classes $ 25 each ( paid in full on first class 125)

For 3 classes $ 30 each (paid in full on first  class 90)